Green Runner taking on London Marathon dressed as a tree

Isaac Kenyon has become well-known for his daring adventures, including his 1500km bikepacking tour in 2021 to highlight the threats to the UK’s National Parks. Now, he has set his sights on breaking the World Record for running the London Marathon dressed as a tree.

Dubbed the “tree-athon”, the 30-year-old eco-adventurer will also be wearing recyclable vegan trainers and clothing during the attempt whilst campaigning for Earth Day happening on the very next day on 22 April. Earth Day is also the second anniversary of The Green Runners!

He is hoping to complete the event in around four hours, despite wearing the cumbersome tree costume, which weighs 7kg. The current record stands at 4 hours, five minutes and six seconds.

Isaac Kenyon inside his tree costume with his thumbs up

Isaac is an experienced runner who has previously completed a 230km run between the three highest peaks in Wales. It is all part of a way of life that has seen him complete a host of adventures, including rowing across the Atlantic, completing an Ironman wearing a weighted vest to represent the strain of mental health issues, and cycling over land and sea from Orkney to the Isles of Scilly.

Isaac Kenyon, who is a member of The Green Runners, said of his challenge: “This run is a call to action as well as a record attempt to bring hope that we can turn this situation around together. First, we start with conversations that can inspire people to think differently about their impact on the environment and encourage taking action in our own lives.

“Whether it’s reducing plastic use, adopting renewable energy, or supporting conservation efforts, this message can motivate individuals to make positive changes for the planet.”

On the day of the event, Isaac will be sharing easy wins for saving our planet and distributing wildflower seeds to fellow runners and London Marathon organisers as a symbol of his dedication to environmental sustainability.

Isaac’s Pledges include a commitment under our HowYouSpeakOut Pillar, supporting The Green Runners in our aim to raise awareness of the threats facing our communities and planet.

“The outdoors has been my entire life,” he says. “It is important to me to protect nature on a personal level for my well-being but also for Earth’s ecosystems which we are a part of. Without good access to nature, I’m not sure how my mental health and anxiety would cope, it’s my lifeline and is for everyone else too.”

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