Running snacks – which are the best for the planet-friendly runner?

For some of us, running is all about the snacks – or cake! Regardless whether you are snack-daft or not, how we fuel is essential in getting the best out of our runs, and ensures we can explore for longer.

When it comes to running nutrition, it can be gob-smackingly difficult to find the brands that are best for the environment. Most go-to running food is plastic-wrapped, single-use, and you can never be sure of the companies that make them. With 12 million tonnes of plastic going into our seas and oceans every year, there has to be a better way.

We reached out to our community to find out what their favourite planet-friendly snacks were, ensuring your next run won’t cost the Earth. As ever, none of these brands are affiliated with The Green Runners, so they are genuine recommendations from our members.

One Good Thing

“We’re huge fans of the planet” is how OGT start off their bio. Born out of a desire to reduce litter in the countryside, OGT has developed a completely edible wrapper. You know when a meal was so good you could eat the plate? Well, now you can!

OGT are also working with FoodSteps to reduce their carbon footprint and are on track to do pretty darn well, as well as using plant-based ingredients. You can find more about OGT on their website.


Recommended by co-founder Damian Hall himself, Veloforte is all about natural ingredients and flavours. You won’t find artificial flavourings here! Based on the ancient Roman snack panforte, Veloforte use fruits, nuts and spices to create a filling and nutritious food.

We also love Veloforte will even take your used wrappers back and recycle them for free, which is great! Check them out here.


Our members also mentioned 33Fuel, and we think they’re doing pretty well, too! Made with all-natural plant-based products, they have committed to carbon neutral delivery on all their orders with their tree planting scheme. Also, their flip-top energy gel allows you to refill the same wrapper again and again with their dry mix. Neat, right?

Check out 33Fuel on their website.


You have probably never heard of Luchos before, but perhaps you should have! Inspired by Columbian bocadillos, these all-natural energy blocks were made to find a way around the additives and single-use plastics of your usual snacks. Using 100% compostable leaf-based wrappers, Luchos also partner with rewilding charity Mossy Earth.

Jasmin Paris eats a veggie sandwich on a train
Jasmin enjoying a homemade veggie sandwich

Our co-founder Darren Evans loves these, so check them out!

Dive into a new recipe!

Perhaps the best running snack for you is just a recipe away! Our co-founder Jasmin Paris told us her favourite running snacks are those made at home, namely:

  • Homemade flapjacks with raisins, hazelnuts and ginger
  • Jam and banana or jam and peanut butter sandwiches
  • Roasted potatoes or sweet potatoes with salt

Others included seaweed-wrapped rice balls, or dates stuff with peanut butter! Yum!

Inspired to try your own on-the-go running snack recipes? Check out the Feed Zone Portables recipe book for some great ideas.

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