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You are ordering your Green Runners Members Patch / Badge

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Please note that this patch is exclusively for members who have subscribed and made a pledge.
 – We ask all members to renew their pledges once a year on the anniversary of their joining date.

If you have not yet joined & made your pledge (by filling out a form after joining)
>>  Please visit:

This patch is made by environmental campaigner, Ultra-Legend and The Green Runners & ReRun clothing co-founder Dan Lawson with unwanted race T-shirts.
Please be sure to share the story of your patch which helps to highlight the waste in the industry and and will help to encourage more runners to turn down unneeded Race-Ts as well as asking race directors for options like Trees not Tess. Make your patch a conversation starter and help spread the word.

Postage: You get to choose your postage method.

We kindly ask that you only order what you need and only for yourself or a child under 16 if they also make a pledge by joining for free as a Junior Green Runner
>> Please visit:

When you have your patch and wear it out; we invite you to post photos and social media and tag us.

All our patches are hand-made and if the stock is Zero (0) you can still back-order while more are being made by the wonderful Dan Lawson.
As soon as more patches are in stock your patch will be sent to you.


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