Join The Green Runners “JUNIOR” – Under 16




Become a JUNIOR (under 16) community member – sign up to join The Green Runners.

This is for children aged 16 and under. Joining as a JUNIOR Green Runner is Free.
You will get a Virtual Badge that you can use online.

We require guardian/parental consent and we ask that parents/guardians fill out the signup and also the pledge form together. This gives you all an opportunity to think about what actions you can make for a fitter planet. Individually and also as a family. 

All Junior TGR club members get a virtual badge. To get a physical patch the parent/guardian will need to be a full member in order to order the patch. You can join as a full member here:

There are 3 steps to become a member: 1. Complete this £FREE checkout process to activate your child’s membership, 2. Make your Pledge & 3. Make an action.

It’s a free checkout process so no card or paypal payment needed.

Here’s what will happen:

1. Make your £FREE membership subscription by completing your purchase on this page. No card or paypal needed, it’s a payment-less checkout process.

>> You will receive a welcome email with a link to a form to complete your Pledge

Important: If you don’t get a confirmation email… check your spam folder

2. Make your Pledge  based on the Four Pillars by filling out the form sent in the welcome email.
>> Once you fill out the form you will be emailed your Virtual Badge that you can start using online and also in any projects you may be doing at school or for a club.

3. Make an action – Put your pledge into practice
>> Start putting your pledge into action.
We encourage you to share your pledge on social media and are invited to email your photo pledge to us so we can add it to our member gallery.

Putting our pledges into practice is at the heart of what The Green Runners is about. The whole point of The Green Runners is to make positive changes for a fitter planet. Both collectively and individually.  As a community we encourage and support each other in this and by committing to at least one of the four pillars in your pledge, you are making a genuine difference and are also inspiring others by your actions.

As a Green Runner Member you can:

– Run races as a ‘The Green Runners’ community member
– Use your virtual badge
– Participate in member-only live events with your parent/guardian’s consent.
– Access a wealth of resources on sustainably in and around the sport as well as in general.
– Receive updates from The Green Runners and have the opportunity to get involved on many levels & help grow the community, raise awareness and actually make a difference.
– Join ‘The Green Runners’ Strava club.
– Feel great knowing you are doing something about the environmental nightmare we are living in.

Club Members are required to fill out their pledge based on the Four Pillars.
And if you use social media, share your pledge. If you have taken a picture of your pledge we would love to add it to our Green Runners Pledge album which you can see on the main page.