Celebrating two years of The Green Runners!

What an incredible whirlwind it has been! Looking back on Earth Day 2022, it is incredible to think how far we have come: 3000 signatures to our DUtMB campaign, our 1000th member, we even became a CIC and started taking donations!

It has been such a joy to have our members join this community and make it what it is. Remember, this is your group, your community – we are made from and for our fellow runners, and are over the moon to reach this milestone.

Speaking of milestones, we asked some of our volunteers to share with us their top moments from the last year, helping us to reflect on how far we’ve come and the opportunities that still lie ahead.

Jeevendra Singh – Jasmin’s Barkley finish and the aftermath

For me this was one of the biggest Green Runners moments. It’s an example of how an individual performance or achievement becomes a collective achievement/community achievement. Jasmin’s finish line pic and video has not only made TGR community teary-eyed but also melted the hearts of wider world and turned them green. It was astonishing to see the increased profile of our community and our mission since then, gaining over 3000 followers on Instagram and a flood of new members – we are delighted to have you all!

Jasmin didn’t stop ther, as she has since given more than 40 interviews and done loads of events talking about TGR, girls in sports, parenting, climate change, while humbly recollecting her Barkley moments. This is unparalleled commitment and very inspiring.

A man and woman sit across the table from one another during a Q&A. The man is hosting.
Jeev and Jasmin at a recent event in Ambleside

Martin Elcoate – Joining the team

My top moment was receiving a message from Damian Hall asking me if I’d like to join the team and help out The Green Runners. That message resulted in me working with Damian and others on sportswashing campaigns – running the DUtMB petition, producing social media materials and more.

I’m proud of the positive waves the DUtMB campaign continues to create and proud to be an active member of The Green Runners.

Nina Davies – Speaking out at the Running Industry Alliance

We often talk about our speaking out Pillar being the most important but sometimes the hardest to action, and this is no different for me. Yes, speaking out can be as simple as wearing your Green Runners badge with pride (which I do often), but it is also about spreading the word about what we do and inviting more people to join us.

When I was asked to take a speaking slot at the 300-strong Running Industry Alliance conference I knew I had to step up to the opportunity. With the help of Kate Strong our brief double act on stage felt great. I mean, we didn’t pull a huge crowd or a standing ovation but with the support of our community I had conquered a personal fear and, if we managed to influence just one or two people in that room, it was worth it. We will be back next year bigger and better!

A woman holding a microphone on stage with a collage of photos projected behind her
Nina at the RIA

Martin Elcoate – DUtMB campaign

In our second year we commenced campaigning against sportswashing, with our DUtMB campaign being the highest profile. Almost 3000 people signed our petition, numerous articles highlighted our demands and many elite athletes added their voices. Eventually, UTMB reached out and sought our input. Change may not always be apparent, but we know that our work in this area is making a real difference behind the scenes.

Kevin Bowen – Running Out of Time Relay

The Running Out Of Time climate relay was such fun to be a part of. It was important to me to be a part of the baton’s journey from Ben Nevis to Big Ben highlighting the climate crisis and to call for action from world leaders.

David Starley – Getting TGR on TV

It was incredible to spend a whole week visiting interesting places and meeting inspiring people, including some of the TGR team. 

To top it off, I celebrated turning 27 in style by running 56km around the streets of London at the relay finale and was interviewed for ITV news alongside member Richard! 

A group of people raising their arms in the air wearing running kit. They are holding a baton and a flat with Green Runners badges
David (in blue) on the Running Out of Time Relay!

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