Pick Up the Pace at COP28: The Green Runners Call on World Leaders to Accelerate Climate Action

We are calling on world leaders to pick up the pace at COP28.

30 November 2023 marks the start of COP28 (Conference of Parties) with world leaders gathering to work together to tackle climate change. Every year our leaders meet, every year we get frustrated at the lack of progress. Even Simon Stiell, UN’s top climate official, says that “most governments are still strolling when they need to be sprinting.” We, The Green Runners, call on world leaders to pick up the pace at COP28.

The solutions exist today to reduce emissions and keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, yet the fossil fuel industry is hanging on for dear life. In the last week we’ve learned that UAE, the COP28 hosts, plan to use the talks to make more oil deals. The COP28 President Dr Jaber  is also CEO of the UAE’s giant state oil company Adnoc. Spot the problem!

Meanwhile it’s been discovered that Saudi Arabia is attempting to drive up demand for fossil fuels across Africa and elsewhere as rich countries increasingly switch to clean energy. But there is positive news out there. In November Portugal ran on 100% clean energy for six days in a row. No wonder the oil industry is running scared.

Join us in demanding that world leaders pick up the pace. Write to your political representative, amplify your voice by joining like minded individuals such as The Green Runners, speak out and speak up. Together we can make a difference.

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