My COP26 Reflections

By Andrew Murray

Reflections on COP26

Plenty has been written on the successes and mostly lack of progress, but below are my personal reflections looking back at my time at COP26 from both inside and outside the negotiations.
– There feels a threshold is passing where citizens and governments are really waking up to the risks and taking action – although now tempered by more immediate threats from Russia/Ukraine and energy security issues.
– Many companies want to be part of the solution and are trying to do their part, but quality of approaches vary and language / action need to be clearer. Personally see a lot of lofty language but when dig deeper often statements are not as credible as initially claim. Although we should all support any initial steps as it is better than nothing.
– The voices of those most impacted are finally being heard. Especially those of indigenous groups, women and children. We need to listen to them!
– The passion of people involved is inspiring and gives hope for action.
– We all need to do more, keep pushing and challenging the laggards (companies and countries especially).
– Money talks, investments, purchasing decisions, international trade deals, aid and subsidies have huge potential for positive change and at pace.
– If not this year, then when? Time is up, we need solid action now, not in 10 year’s time by then it’ll be too late.

Link to our COP26 video

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