Big year ahead for The Green Runners!

Last year was a massive year for The Green Runners. After launching on Earth Day in 2022, we have welcomed over 1000 members who have pledged to make the sport we love better for the planet.

With every new member we are one step closer to running without the footprint, helping us campaign for climate conscious events and kit, and encouraging behaviour change in how we move, how we eat, how we kit up and how we speak out.

Thanks to the support of our members, we are so excited to announce we have established The Green Runners as a Community Interest Company (CIC). There are a lot of technical things this allows us to do, but the big thing is we can now accept donations and be recognised as a movement for real change.

A group of runners jogging together with one holding a torch and another a flag with the green runners' logo on it. All are wearing a Green Runners badge.
Green Runners on the Climate Relay. Credit: Mike Brogden

Co-founders Darren Evans and David Starley said they were “over the moon” at this milestone, with an eye to the future of The Green Runners: “This is a massive step in the right direction for The Green Runners. We have always wanted to be a movement from our community and for our community, pushing for change towards a fitter planet.

“With this change, we are looking forward to big plans in 2024. We have taken on a freelance Community and Content Coordinator to help increase our output and revamp our membership offering, and we are looking at ways to increase our actionism and campaigns to bring about the change we need now more than ever.”

In 2024, The Green Runners will continue efforts to end fossil-fuel companies’ involvement in our sport – such as a renewed focus on our DUTMB campaign – and calling for greater sustainable practices in manufacturing. We are also buzzing about our partnership work with England Athletics, which will continue to expand this year, and exciting opportunities such as those with running app Skamper.

It is going to be an exciting year. Are you in? Join us for just £2.50 today to become a Green Runner and help us run without the footprint.

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