Women’s History Month – Celebrating 10 Incredible Women

Jasmin Paris The Green Runners Pledge
Jasmin Paris – The Green Runners Pledge

As we close in on the end of Women’s History Month, we put the spotlight on just some of the trailblazing women advocating environmental change and using their platform to speak out and raise awareness of global climate issues.


It’s no secret that our very own Jasmin Paris, co-founder of The Green Runners, has made history all by herself this month. Jasmin became the first woman to ever complete the Barkley Marathons.

Aside from inspiring women across the globe to believe in themselves, Jasmin sets her green credentials to a high bar. Planning to have several years of no flying, Jasmin has pledged to travel by land or sea where possible.

Jasmin uses her platform to raise awareness of the need for us all to be greener. She’s increased awareness and membership of The Green Runners since her history-making finish and in turn encouraged countless others to rethink the way they move, eat, kit up and speak out.


Innes FitzGerald is inspiration for future generations. As a record-holding young athlete and Green Runner, Innes set the UK record for the under-17 3,000 metres, and won the 2023 European Cross Country Championships in Brussels.

Notably, Innes aims to avoid flying to events due to its detrimental impact on the climate. Instead she takes public transport wherever possible. She was named winner of the BBC Green Sports Awards ‘Young Athlete of the Year’ as she’d refused to fly to the World Cross Country Championships in Australia. Innes regularly speaks out on the need for athletes to use their influence for good.

Damian Hall, left, Jasmin Paris, middle and Innes FitzGerald, right attend the BBC Green Sport awards standing in front of a green background.
Innes FitzGerald at the BBC Green Sport Awards with The Green Runners co-founders Damian Hall and Jasmin Paris.


Caroline Staudt keeps us all in check at The Green Runners. As well as running marathons, working as an attorney, and her climate justice advocacy, it’s hard not to be completely inspired by Caroline and her passion for educating organisations and individuals about their impact. Her company The Green Ostrich advises on the environmental impact of the running industry and the clothing industry.


Kate Strong is a force of nature, passionate about making positive change. She is a multiple world-record holder, adventurer and nomad. Kate works with The Green Runners and other climate forward initiatives, coming up with solutions that benefit the planet.

For her 45th birthday Kate has chosen that rather than gifts, she’d interview 45 inspiring women for 45 days. This is currently ongoing and you can hear from these women over on Kate’s Instagram page.

Kate Strong standing behind her bamboo bike with arms raised, and London skyline in the background.
Kate Strong with her climate cycle bamboo bike in London


You may remember Dame Ellen MacArthur for becoming the fastest solo sailor to sail around the world in 2005.

Five years after her world record, she focused solely on activism and set up the charity the  Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She now works tirelessly to create a circular economy designed to eliminate waste and pollution through the not-for-profit organisation.


An army of fearless women, made up of mums and nans, camped out for 1,000 days in a field near Blackpool to see off fracking attempts from energy giants Cuadrilla. Known as The Nanas of Lancashire, over the years the women, dressed in yellow, kept vigil as several attempts were made to get fracking approved on the land.

Happily the group’s efforts led to celebrations at the end of last year when Cuadrilla were ordered to plug the two open wells they had on the site.


Tina Muir is a former elite marathon runner, who now speaks out about the climate emergency and runs in a skirt made of waste! Aside from being a talking point, Tina’s skirt outlines a serious message, and she encourages runners to think about their carbon footprint, what they consume, and what they leave behind.

Last August she co-authored the book  “Becoming A Sustainable Runner: A Guide to Running for Life, Community, and Planet.” with Zoë Rom.

Marathon runner Tina Muir poses hands on hips wearing a skirt made from upcycled waste plastic and with "8 million" written on her tummy and "5.1 earths" written on her right leg.
Tina Muir sporting her upcycled skirt at Bronx 10 mile race – Photo Credit New York Road Runners


Of course, no list of environmental activists would be complete without the awe-inspiring Greta Thunberg.

Now a household name, Greta was instrumental in getting the climate emergency at the forefront of minds. With her no-holds barred tactics, starting when she was still a schoolgirl, she used her activism to get in front of world leaders, and hasn’t stopped for a second.

Fearless and steadfast, here’s a woman to inspire others.


Laura Baldwin is an Olympic sailor and coach who sits on the World Olympians Association Environment Committee. She’s an advocate for Champions for Earth, Extinction Rebellion and Ocean Rebellion.

As a presenter and spokesperson on climate science she really knows how to speak out. You can follow Laura’s activism over on the platform formerly known as Twitter!!


Katie Rood is a professional footballer who has urged women’s football to cut it ties with Barclays.

She has represented New Zealand 15 times, played for Juventus in Italy, and Hearts of Scotland. Katie has chosen to use her sport to speak out about climate change.

It’s a brave move to speak out – but Katie has the perfect platform and she’s not afraid to do so!

Katie Rood stands on a football pitch arms crossed wearing a red and black shirt with one foot on a football.
Katie Rood – Photo Credit Champions for Earth

As Women’s History Month ends, we’d like to celebrate all women and non-binary members of The Green Runners. Those who fight for climate justice and who use their voice for activism should be saluted.

For fighting for a better planet, and for taking our four pillars and spreading the word about How We Kit Up, How We Move, How We Eat and How We Speak Out.

Feeling inspired? Join us as a member today!!

About the author: Laura Briggs is part of The Green Runners content and social media team. She hosts the Vegan Fitness Runner Podcast, is part of the Running On Plants team, an ultra runner and vegan activist.

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