Oily Races: The fossil-fuel sponsored races of 2024/25

At The Green Runners, we are committed to calling out sportswashing wherever we see it. We want to see fossil-fuels and its financiers kicked out of our sport. We want to see events commit to Badvertising’s Game Changer Pledge, so we can turn the tide on fossil-fuels in running.

As a group, we often campaign against fossil-fuel companies and financiers from sponsoring running events – but we cannot do it alone. You can help us by speaking out against events who continue to fuel the rapid decline of our communities and ecosystems, because that is the reality of supporting fossil-fuel companies.

Below is our list of the 2024/24 Oily Races. It isn’t the kind of list you want to be on. All these races continue to be sponsored by companies putting our planet in peril and we want that to change. If you feel we have missed a race or event you feel should be on the list, get in touch.

This list is always being updated, so look out for more races being added (or hopefully taken away!) in the future.

High-carbon running event calendar, 2024/25


18 May,  RBC Brooklyn Half

19 May, Hackney Half Marathon (Wizz Air)

19 May, Essar Chester Half Marathon

2 June, BHP Half Marathon & EVA Air Brisbane Marathon Festival

28 July, J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge London

26 July-11 August, Olympic Games (Toyota, Air France, EDF) 

Team GB sponsored by NatWest, British Gas

28 August-6 September, Paralympic Games (Toyota) 

Team GB sponsored by BP

30 August, UTMB Mont-Blanc (Dacia)

2 September, Kerry Way Ultra (Six West Aviation) 

8 September, Great North Run (Nissan)

29 September, BMW Berlin Marathon

6 October, Wizz Air Skopje Marathon

13 October, Royal Parks Half Marathon (Royal Bank of Canada)

13 October, Bank of America Chicago Marathon

13 October, Wizz Air Sofia Marathon

19 October Bilbao Night Marathon (TotalEnergies, Audi)

27 October, Houston Half Marathon (Aramco)

16 November, Charlotte Marathon (Keffer Jeep)


January, Chevron Houston Marathon 

January, Arc of Attrition by UTMB (Dacia)

February, TotalEnergies Murcia Marathon Costa Calida

March, United Airlines NYC Half Marathon 

March, LA Marathon (Hawaiian Airlines)

March, United Airlines NYC Half

April, Patagonia Run (Total Energies)

April, Boston Marathon (Bank of America, Honda) 

April, London Marathon (Nissan, Tata)

April, Madrid Half Marathon (Toyota

May, Ultra Trail Snowdonia by UTMB (Dacia)

May, Hackney Half Marathon (Wizz Air)

What can I do?

With this information, you have the power to reach out to demand better from these races. You are a runner, these races are put on for you, so you have the ability to shape them.

  1. Find the contact email for your race. It is best to find an actual person, so you might need to search the internet for a while
  2. Share your feelings on social media and with friends!
  3. Join The Green Runners! We are a community of 1000 runners committed to making changes for a fitter planet. In joining us, you make our voice louder!

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