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Lady holding up a cardboard sign for the 12 days of action campaign

Merry Christmas to you all and thank you for taking part in our 12 Days of Action.

The challenge is simple. Do as many of the actions below as you can. Let us know with a pic or a message, on any of the usual channels and use the hashtag #12DaysofAction.


If you’re not a social media person or prefer to keep things more private, you can always drop us an email letting us know what you’ve been up to over the twelve days. However, if you can share then we can get the message spread far and wide.

Here are some pointers for each Day of Action, it will also be shared on socials each day.


Let’s get going.


(By the way it helps if you hum the tune, you know the one…)


  • On the 1st day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

A shout out to TreesNotTees

We love them. They were a huge part of the start of The Green Runners. Give them a shoutout on IG, Twitter or FB.


Tag us, tag them and #12DaysofAction

And if you know a race that hasn’t signed up to TreesNotTees, tag them too to give them a nudge!

  • On the 2nd day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is

Leave a shoe review

We’re all a bit ingrained not to dob people in. But when your shoes let you down and fail too soon, you’re well within your rights to give that brand feedback so they can improve and make shoes that last.


Now is your moment!

Leave that review. Ask about a repair service or what their policy is on where you should send shoes that have reached their end of life too early.


And if they offer a replacement, question it. Why would you want to add another pair to landfill when you just want one that lasts.

Best place to do it is in public on IG, FB or Twitter so others can support you.

Tag us, tag them and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 3rd day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

Meals with leftovers

The fridge may be starting to look a bit sad, time to dig deep and get creative. See if you make something delicious with what’s left.


Or if you have over-abundance – is there something you can donate to your local food bank?


Every year in the UK, approximately 270,000 tons of food is wasted at Christmas, let’s make a small but meaningful dent on that – you might discover a new favourite!

Share your creation, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 4th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

An email to a brand

Ok so you did a review, notch it up a bit today and email one of your favourite running brands. It’s time to bother a brand and nudge the system for change. And you can help by asking brands what they’re doing about sustainability👌


Email or openly message them on social media and ask them what they’re doing to reduce their impact on the planet?


Collectively, sportswear brands have an epic CO2e footprint, possibly equal to global travel emissions.


Fossil fuels (synthetics) are the most popular material. Toxic chemicals, microfibres, post-use waste, lack of recycling and workers’ rights are also huge problems.


Some brands show progress, but many don’t and greenwashing tactics proliferate.


A 2022 study (subscription needed) looked at many of them and concluded…


Nike, by far the world’s biggest sportswear brand, scored 5/20 for their ethics. They face criticism for “poverty wages”, have only a Middle rating for environmental reporting and toxic chemical policy and have leather (linked to deforestation) as a substantial part of its $32 billion (2020 figures) business.


Above all that, despite lauding their eco credentials, they’re open about trying to DOUBLE their business. That is not compatible with our climate and ecological emergency and is only accelerating our charge towards an un-liveable planet.


They’re already estimated to use 10 million gallons of oil a year.


Adidas, the world’s second largest brand by some margin, scored 3.5/20 and received a “worst Ethical Consumer rating for carbon management and reporting and lost a whole mark in the Climate Change category”.


The study also singled out Puma and Under Armour (“particularly bad” for toxic chemical use) for poverty wages. 


Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Puma, The North Face, Reebok and Columbia were all criticised for greenwashing.


Reebok scored just 3.5 overall, Columbia 4 and The North Face 4.5. 


Asking them questions on social media will have a greater impact than private messages.

  • @Nike
  • @adidas
  • @newbalance
  • @Puma213
  • @UnderArmour
  • @Reebok
  • @thenorthface
  • @Columbia1938

Tag us, tag them and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 5th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

5 old things

Got 5 old pieces of running kit or shoes kicking about taking up drawer space and not being used?


Can you offer them up to someone in your club, a local grassroots community or kit swap? Keeping old kit in use and passing it on means we can all buy less.

And if you’re already super minimalist, is there anything you can donate to a local charity? Keep things circulating in the system, rather than in landfill.

Take a pic, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 6th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

To sign a petition

A quick and easy way to get involved today.
Pop along to Greenpeace Take Action pages and choose a petition (or two or 3) to sign. Feels good having a voice.

Share it, tag us, tag them and yes, you get it, #12DaysOfAction

  • On the 7th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

Try plant powered

No one has to be vegan to be a Green Runner. But if you’re curious then try making a few steps towards a more plant based, local or ethical diet.


Or you could join Veganuary for 31 days to see if it works for you.

Of course some of you have already embraced the plant life so this is an easy action! (wipe that smug smile off your face!)

Why not share a pic of your first meal, tag us, tag #Veganuary and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 8th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

A no car day

The hangovers have subsided, we’ve got a bonus extra days holiday, let’s celebrate with a car free day.


Think about your journeys – can you go via public transport, or stay local and go on your bike or on foot?


And if today is impossible – because of a pre-planned family get-together or first day back at work – can you make a plan today, for the rest of the year?


Can you use that car less?


Research bus routes, trains or take a pledge to do things closer to home (holidays!).

Share it, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 9th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

Repair one item

Darning, sticking, sewing. Time to get the skills out and give a bit of love to some old kit. You’ll get a few more miles out of them yet!

Here are some great tips from the Re-Run team on repairing trainers on their YouTube channel

And if everything is in tip-top shape, get sewing with a Green Runners patch or create some art that makes a statement about saving the planet.

As always share it, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 10th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

A trust pilot score
You’re only as good as your last review, isn’t that what they say. So if you’ve got something to say about a brand or business don’t just keep it to dinner table chat, let them know. Look them up on Trustpilot and leave a review.

Let’s knock some stars off those big brands this Christmas!

An example here

Don’t forget to share it, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 11th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is

Nudge London Marathon


Ohhhhhh, London Marathon. It’s loved around the world and draws attention from far and wide (that’s a separate problem).


It’s the biggest running race on our home soil so why aren’t they setting the very best example?


Can you help us give them a nudge? Drop a note to:

[email protected].uk

[email protected]

Or on their social channels.

  • Ask them why you still have to put your T-shirt size in to register?
  • Why they haven’t got a TreesNotTees option?
  • Why you still get a goodie bag and a medal?
  • Why training tops are dished out to unsuccessful ballot entries?
  • Why branded kit galore is sold at the expo….do we really need all this stuff?

Come on TCS London Marathon!

And of course share it, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • On the 12th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

One grateful run…

It’s all yours. Go enjoy a grateful run knowing you’ve started the year with some positive action. (oh and sorry if you’ve still got that annoying 12 Days of Christmas tune in your head…massive kudos if you can sing the whole lot and remember every action!)

Oh and don’t forget to take the decorations down ready to re-use next year!

Share your run, tag us and #12DaysofAction

  • The final words for your sing along…

On the 12th day of Christmas, The Green Runners action is,

One grateful run.
Nudge London Marathon
Trust pilot score
Repair one item
No car day
Try plant powered
Sign a petition
5 old things
Meals with leftovers
Email to a brand

Leave a shoe review
And a shout out to TreesNotTees

Thank you

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